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We’re making it up and making art.

In 2019, we formed as an arts collective to make stuff that we think is cool.

things we’ve made so far include:

  • A party
  • A bilingual immersive experience
  • A brand new play
  • A couple of pandemic-proof online shenanigans

At MAGNA, we make art in a whole bunch of different ways.

We get excited about cross-genre mash-ups, trying stuff out and challenging artistic norms.

But mostly what we like is people.
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Was co-founded by

Anna Wheatley
Jess Daniels

We are JESS

Jess Daniels (she/her)

Jess is a theatre director, co-founder of MAGNA, and (non-professional) footballer with Peckham Town Women’s Team. She was nominated for Best Director at the UK Theatre Awards and actually won her school talent show with a choreographed dance to Toxic by Britney Spears.

Anna Wheatley (she/her)

Anna is a writer, performer and musician. She’s co-founder of MAGNA and a member of queer party crew DOOMSCROLL. She’s written plays, performed around the world, and releases music under the alias GLYSK. The first pop song she can recall writing was “I wanna be 9 but I’m only 7” (which she wrote when she was 6).

We are ANNA

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